hello, my name is paul. welcome to my little corner of the internet! i am an alter in a DID system and coding is my get away. i am transexual and objectum and hope to find others who share these blessings. i like computers and public transportation and all other forms of technology. there's not much else to say about me i'm not all that special haha. the art on my page is by my dear friend carl or beefchuckbastard on instagram. have a good day and enjoy.

update log

fri mar 1st 2024: updated my links. shrines are currently a wip and there isn't much to do. i am still a baby here.

wed jan 24th 2024: updated the video of the week for the first time! These updates will not be recorded in the furture.
sat jan 13th 2024: site was published!
friday jan 5th 2024: added this box!

video of the week!